Uses And Benefits of a Trademark

23 Aug

A trademark is a known symbol that is sketched to represent the goods or services by a certain business and distinguishes them from those of other businesses. This can belong to a single person's business or partnership or company. The trademark is mainly printed on the covers, containers and business paper work of the business. Major organizations identify themselves by getting the trademark also on their buildings.

Businesses also produce their trademarks on the transportation vehicles used in business. The first practice of using the trademark was on bakers. Trademarks were then involved in the law so that particular lawful procedures could be followed or adhered to. The registered trademark symbol distinguishes different brands by different organizations. In special scenarios, a particular trademark may be shared. This can only be done with the consent of the original company through licensing agreements.

The legal authorization allows for different registered organizations to produce and distribute similar products or services. The production of products and services under a license agreement is usually governed for quantity and quality. When one uses a registered trademark to produce fake goods and services, then one is guilty of brand piracy. This may lead to the owner of the trademark prosecuting the law breaker. To avoid fraud incidences and also allow for legal action, trademarks should be recorded with the involved legal bodies. In some events the symbol is given rights even when not registered. The business without a registered trademark does not enjoy full legal privileges.  Check out this website at and know more about trademarks.

An organization like iGERENT can identify itself by using a word, phrase or a pictorial representation as a trademark. Trademark registration bodies may deny approval of a given trademark based on the laws governing on trademarks. In the differentiation of the products and services produced and distributed by different companies, trademarks are employed. Trademarks seek to create originality of brands.

In the law, the trademark is usually considered to be some kind of property. Some laws usually state that trademarks that have not been registered can not be used extensively. One of the benefits of using a trademark for an organization is that it offers exclusive rights in regard to the brand. An organization is protected from fake producers and distributors of the same product or service by a trademark. Most people usually associate products to a given logo or trademark thereby making it an advantage to the business. Foreign trade is made possible as the fear of counterfeit goods and services is taken care of by the trademark.

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